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Adventures In Modern Recording [Japanese]

Adventures In Modern Recording [Remaster]

The Age Of Plastic

The Age Of Plastic [SHM-CD Remaster]

The Age of Plastic [Remaster]

7 Inch Heroes [Disc 02]

Alterno-Daze: 80's Survival Of The Fittest

Electric 80's [Disc 03]

Electronic [Disc 01]

Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits Of The '80s Vol. 01

Out Come The Freaks! An Island Post Punk Anthology [Disc 02: Post Modern Punk]

Pop & Wave Vol. 3 [Disc 01]

Produced By Trevor Horn [Disc 01]

Rewind [Disc 02]

Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites Volume 3

Zang Tuum Tumb: The Organization Of Pop [New York Edition, Disc 02]