CD Collection

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12" Mixes

A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing

Angst In My Pants


Big Beat [21st Century Edition]

Dick Around [CD5.01]

Dick Around [CD5.02]

Exotic Creatures Of The Deep [Limited Edition]

Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins

Hello Young Lovers

In Outer Space


Indiscreet [21st Century Edition]

Interior Design


Just Got Back From Heaven

Kimono My House

Kimono My House [21st Century Edition]

Kimono My House [Japanese]

Lil' Beethoven

Lil' Beethoven (Deluxe Edition)

No. 1 In Heaven

Perfume [CD5]



Propaganda [21st Century Edition]

Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat


Sparks Extended: The 12 Inch Mixes (1979-1984) [Disc 01]

Sparks Extended: The 12 Inch Mixes (1979-1984) [Disc 02]

Sparks Shortcuts: The 7 Inch Mixes (1979-1984) [Disc 01]

Sparks Shortcuts: The 7 Inch Mixes (1979-1984) [Disc 02]

Terminal Jive

The Best Of Sparks

The Best Of Sparks: Music That You Can Dance To

The Hell Collection

The No. 1 Song In Heaven [CD5]

The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman

Two Hands One Mouth [Disc 01: The Show]

Two Hands One Mouth [Disc 02: The Encore]

When Do I Get To Sing "My Way" [CD5]

When I Kiss You (I Hear Charlie Parker Playing) [CD5]

Whomp That Sucker

Extended Seventies [Disc 03]

Grand 12-Inches 6 [Disc 01]

Hot Tracks: The Best Of Hot Tracks Volume 1

Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits Of The '80s Vol. 06

Mighty Real: A Dance Floor Retrospective 1980-1988: Morning Music

Out Come The Freaks! An Island Post Punk Anthology [Disc 01: From Art Rock To Post Punk]

Pop & Wave Vol. 7 [Disc 01]

Razormaid: 7th Anniversary Box Set [Disc 07]

Razormaid: Anniversary Box 9.0: A-2

Razormaid: Prehistoric Razormaid! XI [Disc 02]

The Sound Of The Crowd

The Very Best of Razormaid! I