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A Posteriori

Age Of Loneliness [CD5.01]

Age Of Loneliness [CD5.02]

Age Of Loneliness [Promo CD5]

Beyond The Invisible [CD5]

Beyond The Invisible [Promo CD5]

Following The Sun [CD5]

Gravity Of Love [CD5]

Gravity Of Love [Promo CD5]

In The Beginning... [Promo]

Le Roi Est Mort, VIVE Le Roi!

Love Sensuality Devotion: The Remix Collection


MCMXC a.D. "The Limited Edition"

Mea Culpa Part II [CD5]

Out From The Deep [CD5]

Principles Of Lust [CD5]

Push The Limits [CD5]

Return To Innocence [CD5]

Sadeness Part I [CD5]

Seven Lives Many Faces [Disc 01]

Seven Lives Many Faces [Disc 02]

T.N.T. For The Brain [CD5]

The Cross Of Changes

The Cross Of Changes [Special Gold Limited Edition]

The Eyes Of Truth [CD5]

The Screen Behind The Mirror

Trilogy: Le Roi Est Mort, VIVE Le Roi! [Box Set]

Trilogy: MCMXC a.D. [Box Set]

Trilogy: The Cross Of Changes [Box Set]


Best Of Dance '91

Future Mix 07

Hot Tracks: 10-3

Hot Tracks: 15th Anniversary Collectors Edition [Disc 07]

Loaded Volume 1

Pop Mix CD-4

Pure Moods

Razormaid: A Touch Of Michael Cretu [Disc 01]

Razormaid: Anniversary Box 9.0: R-1

Razormaid: How Slow Can You Go?

Techno Pop CD-03

Ultra Hot Razor Disc 1

Ultra Hot Razor Disc 2

Ultra Hot Razor Disc 7