CD Collection

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China Crisis

Acoustically Yours

Diary Of A Hollow Horse

Ultimate Crisis [Disc 01]

Ultimate Crisis [Disc 02]

What Price Paradise

12"/80s/Chilled [Disc 01]

12"/80s/New Wave [Disc 01]

80's Revolution: Disco Pop Volume 02 [Disc 02]

80s Extended [Disc 03]

80s Maximum: Volume 2 [Disc 01]

Dance Club Retro Volume One: New Romantic

Electric High Voltage Hits From The 80's

Greatest Hits Of The 80's [Box Set, Disc 07]

Hardest Hits Volume 5

Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits Of The '80s Vol. 13

Living In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits Volume 5

Methods Of Dance

More MAXImum 80's [Disc 03]

Original Hits: 80s 12" [Disc 04]

Original Hits: 80s Pop [Disc 01]

Pop & Wave Vol. 4 [Disc 01]

Razormaid: ClassX (Volume 10)

Retro 80's Volume 1

Sedated In The Eighties No. 4

The Long Versions: New Wave [Disc 03]

The Rest Of The 80's [Disc 01]

Virgin Hits Of The 80's