CD Collection

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A Drug Against War [CD5]

Angst [Remaster]

Boots [CD5]

Don't Blow Your Top

Extra Volume 1 [Disc 01]

Extra Volume 1 [Disc 02]

Extra Volume 2 [Disc 01]

Extra Volume 2 [Disc 02]

Extra Volume 3 [Disc 01]

Extra Volume 3 [Disc 02]

Glory [CD5]

Juke-Joint Jezebel (The Giorgio Moroder Mixes) [CD5]


Money/Bargeld [CD5]

Naïve / Hell To Go


Rules [CD5]



Virus [CD5]

Vogue [CD5]

What Do You Know, Deutschland?


Afterburn: Wax Trax! Records '94 And Beyond

Alternator [Disc 01]

Art Of Mix: Art Of Compilation CD7

Black Box: WaxTrax! Records: The First 13 Years [Disc 02]

Critical M@55 v3

Hot Tracks: Roadkill! 2.12

Industrial Hazard

Industrial Strength Machine Music: The Framework Of Industrial Rock 1978-1995

Metropolis 2006

Metropolis: Rebirth 1.0 [Disc 02: Rock]

Metropolis: Rebirth 2.0

The Days Of Swine + Roses / Naïve [CD5]

Ultra Hot Art Disc One

Virgin Voices: A Tribute To Madonna Volume One

WaxTrax! Records Summer Swindle - 1996