CD Collection

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Lords Of Acid

Am I Sexy...? [CD5]

Do What You Wanna Do [CD5]

Expand Your Head


Gimme Gimme [CD5]

Greatest Tits

Heaven Is An Orgasm

Hey Ho! [CD5]

I Must Increase My Bust [CD5]

Lords Of Acid Versus Detroit [CD5]

Lover Boy/Lover Girl [CD5]


On The Racks

Our Little Secret

Pussy [Censored Cover, CD5]

Pussy [Uncensored Cover, CD5]

Rough Sex [CD5.01]

Rough Sex [CD5.02]

Rubber Doll [CD5]

Take Control [CD5.01]

Take Control [CD5.02]

The Crablouse [CD5]


Hard Beat: 2nd Compilation

Rave 'Til Dawn

Techno Mancer

This Is The New Beat