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Front 242

05:22:09:12 Off

06:21:03:11 Up Evil

Angels Versus Animals

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Body To Body [Bootleg]

Endless Riddance [CD5]

Front By Front


Geography (Limited) [Disc 01]

Geography (Limited) [Disc 02]

Geography [Remaster]

Gripped By Fear [Promo CD5]

Hadafi Commando [Bootleg]

Headhunter 2000 [CD5]

Headhunter 2000 [Disc 01]

Headhunter 2000 [Disc 02]

Headhunter [CD5]

Headhunter [CDV]

Interception [CD3]

Interception [CD5]

Kampfbereit [Bootleg]

Live Code

Masterhit [CD5]

Mixed By Fear [CD5]

Moments [Limited Edition Box Set, Disc 01]

Moments [Limited Edition Box Set, Disc 02]


Never Stop! [CD5]

No Comment

No Comment [Remaster]

Official Version

Official Version [French]

Politics Of Pressure [EP]

Re-Boot (Live '98)

Religion [CD5]

Rhythm Of Time [CD5]

Silicon Answers [Bootleg, Disc 01]

Silicon Answers [Bootleg, Disc 02]

The Tyrany Never Stops [Bootleg]

Tragedy For You [CD5]

Two In One [CD5]

Tyranny >For You<

Tyranny >For You< [Promo]

EBM Club Classics Vol. 2 [Disc 01]

Electronic Body Music: This Is Electronic Body Music

Hot Tracks: The Edge - Level 3

Indie Top 20: Volume VI

Indie Top 20: Volume XI

Industrial Strength Machine Music: The Framework Of Industrial Rock 1978-1995

Kult Dance Klassics [Disc 02]

New Wave Club Class-X 2

Razormaid: 7th Anniversary Box Set [Disc 04]

Technopolis Vol. 2

This Is Electronic Body Music: The Best EBM And New Beat [Disc 01: Full Length Mixes]

Trevor Jackson Presents Metal Dance 2: Classics & Rarities 79-88 [Disc 02]