CD Collection

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10,000 Maniacs

Because The Night (MTV Unplugged) [CD5]

Blind Man's Zoo

Campfire Songs [Disc 01]

Campfire Songs [Disc 02]

Candy Everybody Wants [CD5.01]

Candy Everybody Wants [CD5.02]

Candy Everybody Wants [CD5.03]

Cool White Stare [Bootleg]

Eat For Two [Bootleg]

Eat For Two [CD3]

Extended Versions

Few And Far Between [CD5]

From Natalie With Love [Bootleg]

Hope Chest

How You've Grown [Bootleg]

In My Tribe

In My Tribe Demos [Bootleg]

In The Garden Of Eden [Bootleg]

Last Days In Eden [Bootleg]

Love Among The Ruins

MTV Unplugged

More Than This [CD5]

More Unplugged [Bootleg]

Nettwerk One Sampler [Promo]

Our Time In Eden

Poison In The Well [CD5]

Scarlett Garden [Bootleg, Disc 01]

Scarlett Garden [Bootleg, Disc 02]

The Wishing Chair

Theme For Imaginary Canyon [Bootleg]

These Are Days [CD5]

These Are Days [Limited Edition CD5]

Trouble Me [CD3.01]

Trouble Me [CD3.02]

What's The Matter Here? [CD3]

You Happy Puppet [CD5]

Alice @ 97.3: This Is Alice Music, Volume 01

Cutting Edge Hits

Hang The DJ: Modern Rock 1987

Kiss The Stone Promo 2 [Bootleg]

Sounds Of The Eighties: 1987-1988

Super Stars Super CD [Promo]

The Unplugged Collection, Volume One