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Wasted: The Best Of 'Volume' Part 1 [Disc 01] (Various Artists (Compilation)) [1995]

4:56Reefer Spin In The GalaxyThe Orb(Catalog: BOV CD1)
5:21Low Cool (Remix)Cabaret Voltaire(Catalog: BOV CD1)
5:23Fallen (The Last Monday Morning At Bobby N's Remix)One Dove(Catalog: BOV CD1)
4:52One DayBjörk(Catalog: BOV CD1)
5:03Hyperreal (Remix)The Shamen(Catalog: BOV CD1)
4:50Bulletproof (Boilerhouse Mix)Pop Will Eat Itself(Catalog: BOV CD1)
4:22CyberneticThe Grid(Catalog: BOV CD1)
6:14Miracle (Orb Mix)System 7(Catalog: BOV CD1)
8:19Why Why Why? (Remix)Underworld(Catalog: BOV CD1)
6:03Anything You Want (Volume Vocal Mix)Delta Lady(Catalog: BOV CD1)
5:11One Tribe (Edit)The Drum Club(Catalog: BOV CD1)
7:23Lick Wid Nit WitThe Sabres Of Paradise(Catalog: BOV CD1)
4:15Aqualung (Dub)Spooky(Catalog: BOV CD1)
7:03Belfast-Wasted (Vocal Mix)Orbital(Catalog: BOV CD1)