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Have You Got A Name For It (Splendid) [1999]

3:11I'm No BetterSplendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)
3:40Less Than ZeroSplendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)
3:24Better ThingsSplendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)
2:04CrySplendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)
3:47Hello DearSplendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)
3:43LivingSplendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)
3:32Come CleanSplendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)
2:38Beat Of Your BloodSplendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)
3:22Work Cut Out For YouSplendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)
5:12ChargeSplendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)
10:13You And MeSplendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)
3:40Come Clean (DNA Remix)Splendid(Catalog: MUSH33236.2)