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The Singles [Disc 01] (Japan) [1996]

2:55Don't Rain On My ParadeJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
4:48State LineJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:04The UnconventionalJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
4:13Adolescent SexJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:49Sometimes I Feel So LowJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
4:12Love Is InfectiousJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:31Life In Tokyo (Short Version)Japan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:17Life In Tokyo (Part 2)Japan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:48I Second That EmotionJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:52Quiet LifeJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:31Life In TokyoJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:40European SonJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:35Quiet LifeJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:15A Foreign PlaceJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:49European SonJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
4:59AlienJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
3:54I Second That EmotionJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)
4:27HalloweenJapan(Catalog: BVCP-8613)